It has been said that humans have an intuitive ability to weave a basket, just as a spider weaves its web or a bird makes a nest. The baskets I make are made using English willow mainly sourced from the Somerset levels.

The colours are from different varieties of willow and from the different processes that include white, buff, greens and browns also other hedgerow woods such as hazel, dogwood and ash.

The tools used are very basic; a knife, a bodkin and lots of patience. I have mastered the patience part and have added a few other tools to make a basket makers job a bit easier.

I am continually amazed at the craftsmanship of old and how they managed to achieve perfection in their work with such primitive tools and basic techniques. Country folk often had part of their garden set aside for growing willow to make baskets, as would farmers for making hurdles.

I am a friend of the Heritage Craft Association and a member of The Basketmakers' Association.

I first ventured into basket making in 1985 by making rough hedgerow baskets as a hobby then I obtained a placement with a Basket Maker in Somerset through the Rural Enterprise Scheme. My goal was, and remains, to keep the traditional basket making techniques alive and enable rural crafts to continue to provide an active place in the modern plastic age.

In addition to the traditional baskets, I also enjoy creating non-functional baskets with an emphasis on blending natural colours from the different types of willow and other woods.

Creative healing is a fundemental part of Basket making. It enables a connection between your spiritual and sensual self, whilst creating a functional item.